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Meet Our Family Law Team

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most stressful and difficult times of your life, so it is extremely important to have the right people supporting you through it.

We have an Accredited Specialist in Family Law. Our team of family lawyers comprises Ath Balaskas and Alana Di Paola.

They will care for you if you are caught up in a family crisis. Where necessary, they will engage in rigorous and passionate representation of you in the challenging context of your family law dispute.

Free no obligation 15 minute phone consultation

Contact our Accredited Specialist Family Law team today on 1300 205 506 for a free 15 minute initial phone consultation. We provide expert advice and assistance on a wide range of matters between married couples, de facto couples and same sex couples, including: divorce applications, separation, parenting arrangements, division of matrimonial and de facto property, family violence and intervention orders, child support, spousal maintenance, and also offer LGBTQI+ friendly services.

For more information about some of these issues, please see our Family Law Brochure and our Blog Articles.

Fixed Fees for Certainty

We know that every dollar counts and so we will agree with you up front on a fixed price for your legal work. In this way, you will not be charged for how long it takes us to do your work. Instead, you are charged for our expertise, knowledge and skills and for the benefit or outcome you will receive. You will have certainty, stage by stage, about what you will need to pay. Accordingly, you will not get any surprises when we send you an invoice.

For over 30 years, we have assisted charities and other ‘not for profit’ organisations on a range of legal issues.

From drafting constitutions, establishing companies limited by guarantee to incorporated associations and the formation of charitable trusts, our team can assist you.

Sharrock Pitman Legal provide expert advice to charities, PBI's, churches and other religious organisations, independent schools and tertiary institutions, and aged care providers.

If you phone, email, Zoom, Skype, or visit us at our office in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, you will find a quality team of lawyers willing and able to lend you a helping hand. Here’s a range of the areas we can provide assistance in:

  • Formation of companies limited by guarantee
  • Formation of incorporated associations
  • Formation of charitable trusts
  • ACNC charity & DGR registration
  • Corporate governance, policies and procedures
  • Tax exemptions on income and tax deductibility for gifts
  • ATO and ACNC compliance, including governance and external conduct standards
  • Fundraising issues and licences
  • Formation of public ancillary gift funds and private ancillary gift funds
  • Employment issues, including employee disputes and employment agreements
  • Property and commercial transactions, including grant agreements
  • Dispute resolution, including Committee, Board and member disputes
  • Trademarks, copyright and other intellectual property
  • Expert advice to charities, PBI's, churches and other religious organisations, independent schools and tertiary institutions, and aged care providers

Our legal team to advise and assist in this unique and often complex area of law comprises Mitchell Zadow, Dan Saunders and Samuel Ellemor.

Need assistance complying with your responsibilities?

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When it comes to charities & not for profits, we are:

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