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Meet Our Family Law Team

We understand that the breakdown of a relationship can be one of the most stressful and difficult times of your life, so it is extremely important to have the right people supporting you through it.

We have an Accredited Specialist in Family Law, Ath Balaskas.

She will care for you if you are caught up in a family crisis. Where necessary, she will engage in rigorous and passionate representation of you in the challenging context of your family law dispute.

Aside from the emotional and personal difficulties that can be involved with a relationship breakdown, it can also have a significant impact on the financial wellbeing of those involved.  Shared assets, such as a business or other property, are often contentious elements in any Family Law settlement and need to be carefully considered.  That’s why it is important to have experts in Family Law, Commercial Law and Property Law on your side.

Free no obligation 15 minute phone consultation

Contact our Accredited Specialist Family Law team today on 1300 205 506 for a free 15 minute initial phone consultation. We provide expert advice and assistance on a wide range of matters between married couples, de facto couples and same sex couples, including: divorce applications, separation, parenting arrangements, division of matrimonial and de facto property, family violence and intervention orders, child support, spousal maintenance, and also offer LGBTQI+ friendly services.

For more information about some of these issues, please see our Family Law Brochure and our Blog Articles.

Fixed Fees for Certainty

We know that every dollar counts and so we will agree with you up front on a fixed price for your legal work. In this way, you will not be charged for how long it takes us to do your work. Instead, you are charged for our expertise, knowledge and skills and for the benefit or outcome you will receive. You will have certainty, stage by stage, about what you will need to pay. Accordingly, you will not get any surprises when we send you an invoice.

Meet Our Team of Litigation Lawyers

We offer you expertise in civil litigation and we handle all matters before any court or tribunal. Our law practice has Accredited Specialists in Commercial Law (accredited by the Law Institute of Victoria), and experienced advocates in Court and Tribunal proceedings. As a boutique, commercial law practice, our primary, specialised focus is on caring for people in business and providing effective solutions to their vast array of legal needs.

Our litigation lawyers are Caroline Callegari, Kevin Li and Yevashrin Naidoo.

Commercial Litigation Services

Civil litigation involves virtually every type of dispute that can arise in the context of ‘doing business’. Typical examples of litigation handled by our Litigation team include breaches of contract; partnership or joint venture disputes; corporate governance and shareholder disagreements; misleading and deceptive conduct; breaches of IP and trade practices; building disputes; planning and environment matters; leasing, tenancy, and franchise disputes; and bankruptcy, insolvency and debt recovery matters.

The broad-ranging experience of our Litigation team means that they can advise, negotiate and advocate for SMEs operating in a range of industry sectors. As experienced advocates, you will be represented in court by a member of our Litigation team or, if necessary, by counsel selected for their specialist knowledge of the law relevant to your matter.

Filing a lawsuit is not as simple as you may think. Parties are encouraged, and sometimes ordered, by the Court to endeavour to reach agreement (through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) or by other means) prior to commencing proceedings. Our team seeks to minimise the worry of the prospect of litigation through mediation, in the first instance.

However, where a dispute is unable to be resolved by negotiation or mediation, and consequently proceeds to trial, we will provide you with rigorous representation, either by a member of our Litigation team or by briefing an experienced barrister who has been selected for their advocacy skills and expert knowledge of the law relevant to your matter.

You will find our Litigation team results-driven, resolute and willing to go that extra mile to achieve the outcome our customers want. Our lawyers are effective negotiators with years of experience managing disputes who are committed to delivering results that are both cost-effective and expedient.

We know that every dollar counts. That’s why we take a different approach when providing our legal services. We will agree with you up front on a fixed price for the work that we will undertake in order to resolve your legal issue. This means that you will not be charged for how long it takes. Instead, you will be charged for the application of our expertise, knowledge and skills necessary to satisfactorily resolve your dispute. From the outset, you will have certainty regarding the cost to resolve your legal issue.

Associate Principal Caroline Callegari is featured on Macmillan's List of trusted legal professionals, compiled by Dr Peter Macmillan, Notary Public.


Based in Glen Waverley in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, our office is located opposite the Glen Waverley train station and the adjacent Glen Waverley bus depot. Free parking is available directly across the street. Click here for a map.

Get in touch

We provide litigation advice you can trust. If you need assistance with court proceedings, mediation or conflict resolution, speak to one of our Litigation Lawyers today. Please make an appointment for a fixed fee, initial consultation.

Disputes & Litigation updates

To read the latest articles written by our Disputes & Litigation team, click here.

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To watch our Disputes & Litigation webinars, search our Disputes & Litigation playlist on YouTube.

COVID-19 Updates

You can find more COVID-19 related information and articles on our Resources page.

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“Impressed with quality of service and friendliness and I am happy to continue my professional relationship with Sharrock Pitman Legal.”
“My whole case was very stressful. Both my lawyers were great in easing my mind on occasions, and for that I am very thankful.”
“I am very grateful for the care and attention that was given to my daughter’s case, and the speedy way in which everything was handled. It is very difficult to find someone that actually cares about the people that are involved and not just the bottom line. Thank you again.”

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