Careers at Sharrock Pitman Legal

We are a team who care for our customers and we're determined to make a difference. We are focused on providing innovative, practical and strategic solutions and exceptional, friendly, efficient and technologically driven service.

Our team is a group of dynamic and talented people who supporting one another, work collaboratively and thrive in a vibrant workplace. We are always looking for high performance lawyers who would be interested in joining our team, practising in the areas of commercial law, property law, litigation & disputes, employment law, wills & estates and not-for-profit law.

We are an equal opportunity employer and LGBTQI+ supportive workplace. We select and remunerate without regard to ethnicity, identity, religion, age, disability or any other difference. We focus instead on merit, past working history and achievements, as well as skills, knowledge and experience.


Benefits of joining Sharrock Pitman Legal

We value our team members and their enjoyment of life. As part of our team and in addition to the above, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Award-winning legal firm and finalist in the 2023 Regional/Suburban Law Firm of the Year (Australian Law Awards)
  • High performance team
  • Proudly inclusive, diverse and committed to equality
  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Rewarding and varied legal work
  • Competitive renumeration
  • Clear career path available
  • Mentoring by Accredited Specialists
  • Community involvement and support for local and international social impact initiatives
  • Extensive legal resources
  • Regular ongoing professional training and development opportunities
  • Employee Assistance Program for wellbeing and support
  • Roles created around individual strengths
  • Located in the eastern suburbs commercial and transport hub
  • Regular hours (usually 9:00 am to 5:30 pm)
  • Work/life balance – weekends are your own
  • Modern office and latest technology
  • Free parking and dry cleaning

Current opportunities

No current openings. Please check back later.

Although we currently do not have any specific opportunities available, we encourage you to keep an eye on our careers page for future openings.

If you are interested in joining our team, please forward your application, together with your academic transcript and referee contact details, to our Managing Principal, Mitchell Zadow.


What is it like to work at Sharrock Pitman Legal?

I commenced working at Sharrock Pitman Legal as a Senior Associate in February 2020. Prior to joining Sharrock Pitman Legal, I practised at a top tier law firm, a boutique commercial firm and an Ombudsman scheme in Melbourne’s CBD. I also worked previously in Sydney at a mid-tier commercial litigation firm and corporate insolvency firm in the city.

The role at Sharrock Pitman Legal was the first time I had worked at a suburban law practice during my 20+ years in the legal industry. I was somewhat apprehensive as to whether this “change of scenery” would hinder my career opportunities. Would the move away from the CBD mean I wouldn’t be able to attend the city courts for appearances as easily? Would I lose touch with my litigation colleagues and my panel of barristers I had spent many years doing the networking rounds with and building professional rapport? I was physically moving away from everything I had ever known about working as a litigator in the CBD.


The values we stand for

At Sharrock Pitman Legal, we do not practice law to meet our own needs or to serve our own ends. Our paramount focus and intent is to really care for you, our customer, so that we meet your needs and serve your ends, first and foremost.

We stand firm

For us, this means that we will not compromise our ethical standards or our honesty and integrity, never ever. This goes to our character.

We dig deep

For us, this means that we practise law by really caring so that we serve you with dignity, respect, understanding and empathy, second to none. This goes to our heart.

We run marathons

For us, this means that we train hard and give the very best of ourselves, and of our expertise, knowledge, skills and service for your benefit, as mediocrity just will not cut it. This goes to our competence.

We climb mountains

For us, this means that we act fearlessly, with courage, perseverance and determination, regardless of the difficulty or challenge. This goes to our commitment.

We make rain

For us, this means that we are totally focused on meeting and even exceeding expectations, achieving remarkable results, and adding real value because of our legal work, and nothing less will do. This goes to our passion.

Ready to apply?

If you are interested in joining our team, please forward your application, together with your academic transcript and referee contact details to our Managing Principal, Mitchell Zadow,