Free Benefits

There are many benefits to joining the Sharrock Pitman Legal community.

What FREE benefits do we offer to our customers who own or manage a business or who conduct a not-for-profit enterprise?

We offer the following unique and valuable FREE benefits to help you and your enterprise succeed.

Full satisfaction guaranteed

Free full satisfaction guarantee for the legal work we do and the service we provide for your business and for you personally, giving you reassurance that you need not pay the full price on our invoice unless you are entirely satisfied with our legal work and our service.

Instead, you may elect to pay a lesser amount which you consider to be fair and reasonable, based upon the value and benefit of our legal work to you.

The only thing we ask is that you first discuss any concerns with one of our principals, telling us why you were disappointed and allowing us an opportunity to review your matter in case there has been some misunderstanding.

Secure online document access

During the conduct of your legal matter, you will be given the option of having free, 24/7 online access to your documents via Microsoft OneDrive. This is a secure way for us to send documents to you, and vice-versa.

If you would like to use this service, you will be able to sight and download key letters and documents received or sent by us, together with access to Disclosure Statements, Scopings of Legal Work and Invoices.

You will therefore have all your relevant documents and correspondence stored in one, convenient place, allowing you to closely monitor pricing and progress of your matter in real time.

Trouble shooting help line to our lawyers

Free phone help line to our expert lawyers, giving you immediate legal advice and practical help for any of your troubling business issues

Letters of demand to debtors

Free letter of demand to your business debtors, giving you a really good chance of finally being paid by a difficult customer instead of writing off their debt too quickly.

Travel to your business premises

Free travel time to and from your own business premises by one of our expert lawyers on your most important business and personal matters, giving you the convenience of our visiting legal advisory service and saving you time and stress in not travelling to us.

Legal compliance health check

Free annual, comprehensive legal compliance ‘health check’, giving you proactive feedback as to any business law gaps which could be plugged to avoid legal problems from arising.

Commercial Law Bulletin, Property Law Bulletin, Employment Law Bulletin, Wills & Estates Bulletin

Free electronic bulletins about commercial law, property law, and wills and estates law giving you up to date information about changes in the law as they might impact your business today, as well as your business and personal assets in the future. To subscribe, contact

Legal webinars

Free webinars on areas of law relevant to business owners, office-holders and managers working in business and Not-for-Profit enterprises. Topics include legal updates and guidance in Commercial Law, Property Law, Employment Law, Wills & Estates and Litigation.

Download SPL Biz Guide app

Free download to your iPad, iPhone or Android device of our ‘SPL biz guide’ app, giving you information ‘at your fingertips’ about legal and compliance matters of day to day importance to your business.

Business club membership & resources

Free membership of our business club The School of Hard Knocks for Stressed Business People and Reluctant Entrepreneurs, giving you terrific support and practical help in your own journey toward business success. You are warmly invited to meet throughout the year over breakfast or lunch with like-minded business people and to learn from renowned speakers on practical business topics. You will also gain access to password-protected resources and handouts on business topics that are available exclusively to attendees of these events.

Linkedin discussion group

Free membership of our discussion group on LinkedIn, giving you an opportunity to exchange views with our lawyers and with like-minded business people on issues of concern or interest in the business world.

Online resources

Free access to our library of updates and handouts on legal topics and developments from our expert lawyers and Accredited Specialists.

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