At Sharrock Pitman Legal, we do not practice law to meet our own needs or to serve our own ends. Our paramount focus and intent is to really care for you, our customer, so that we meet your needs and serve your ends, first and foremost.

Our values are the glue that holds us together as a law practice. They shape and direct who we are and all that we say and do. They are the bedrock on which we build trust within our team and in our community.

At Sharrock Pitman Legal, the 5 essential and dynamic values on which everyone can always depend are:

We stand firm

For us, this means that we will not compromise our ethical standards or our honesty and integrity, never ever. This goes to our character.

We dig deep

For us, this means that we practise law by really caring so that we serve you with dignity, respect, understanding and empathy, second to none. This goes to our heart.

We run marathons

For us, this means that we train hard and give the very best of ourselves, and of our expertise, knowledge, skills and service for your benefit, as mediocrity just will not cut it. This goes to our competence.

We climb mountains

For us, this means that we act fearlessly, with courage, perseverance and determination, regardless of the difficulty or challenge. This goes to our commitment.

We make rain

For us, this means that we are totally focused on meeting and even exceeding expectations, achieving remarkable results, and adding real value because of our legal work, and nothing less will do. This goes to our passion.

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