Customer Care Charter

As our customer, you will receive the benefit of the following Customer Care Charter which provides you with professional service standards on which you can depend.

Sharrock Pitman Legal agrees that:

  • You will be treated at all times in a friendly manner, with care and courtesy, as well as dignity and respect
  • You will appreciate the high value we place on truth, integrity and honesty (when we say it, you can believe it and when we act, you can depend upon it)
  • You will be seen promptly when attending our office (we appreciate that your time is valuable)
  • You will be advised clearly and without us using legal jargon, whether at interview, in letters or in any legal documents
  • You will receive regular communication from us and will be kept well advised of progress on your legal matter
  • You will receive very prompt return of your telephone calls and, so far as is practicable, you will have immediate access to a lawyer when you telephone our office
  • You will not be subject to procrastination and your work will be handled expeditiously and within an agreed time frame
  • Your legal costs will be at a fair and reasonable fixed price, which is fully disclosed and agreed with you upfront and which is based upon the results, value and benefit you will receive from our skills, knowledge and expertise (we do not estimate our costs based on six minute units of time. (Click here for detailed information about legal costs.]
  • You will be referred by us, whenever necessary, to barristers (being those lawyers who appear full-time in the Courts) who will assist in any specialised matters, always with your prior permission and at an agreed cost
  • You will see work being produced of the highest standard because we use the latest technology and we keep up to date with the latest developments in the law in order to maximise our skills and knowledge for your benefit
  • You will be given a helpful legal and practical solution to your legal issue because we are results driven (our primary aim is to achieve a successful outcome for you).

Because we practice law to meet your needs and not our own, and because we want you to be 101% satisfied with our service, we are happy for you to hold us to account for this Customer Care Charter.

In all we say and do as a law practice, you can be assured that we will always be:

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