Naturally, we have acted in a vast number of conveyancing transactions over many years, both for vendors and purchasers.

Significantly, we also provide specialist help to registered conveyancers as follows:

  • Business set up for conveyancers
  • Legal advice and assistance on day to day matters whenever conveyancers experience problems in their conveyancing files
  • Legal advice and assistance on sales and purchases of businesses in respect to which conveyancers can now act
  • Drafting of special conditions for contracts of sale
  • Holding of trust money on behalf of the customers of conveyancers
  • Dispute resolution for conveyancers.

Andre Ong is a Principal of Sharrock Pitman Legal, as well a Property Law Accredited Specialist. He is assisted by Shubha Rao, Ignatius Suwanto and Crystal Roman.Together, they are well able to act for conveyancers on an annual retainer basis or for a fixed price, transaction by transaction. They can respond quickly and expertly to the queries of conveyancers, whether by phone or email.

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