Reverse Mortgages and Homesafe Matters

For many people, the family home is the primary asset and they can be asset rich but cash poor. Various lenders now offer ‘equity unlock’ products to release funds from your home.

Again, it is crucial that you understand what you are signing up for and key issues include:

  • Is there a cap on the ownership amount that the lender is granted in your home, or will they potentially own it entirely one day? Could your estate possibly owe the lender more, even after the property is sold?
  • Is the product a loan, or are you selling part of your property to the lender?
  • What constitutes a default on the loan and what are the consequences of such a default? Could the lender potentially evict you?
  • What are your insurance and maintenance obligations?
  • Financial advice – in conjunction with our legal advice, you should also seek guidance from a financial advisor in respect to an equity unlock product and whether there are any better products available for you.

Can we assist you with issues relating to a reverse mortgage or Homesafe matter?

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