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Sharrock Pitman Legal is ethically and legally obliged to keep strictly confidential all information given by our customers to us. Without being legally obligated to comply with the requirements of the Victorian Privacy Act, we nonetheless choose to adopt the policy and principles contained in that Act for the informal benefit of our customers.

As a law practice, we collect information for the main purpose of assisting our customers with their legal matters. Unless consent in writing has been given by our customers, we will not use or disclose their information for any other purpose. This covers both physical and digital information that we have gathered throughout your matter with our law practice.

We assure our customers that their name, address, phone number and legal matter details are not provided to any other person or used for any other purpose. This includes any data that may be stored via any technological outlet.

We assure our customers that any digital information that is gathered and stored via google analytics when accessing our web site or any other web site connected to our ancillary services, such as The Reluctant Entrepreneur, will remain strictly confidential to our firm and its authorised agents

We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that a customer’s personal information is accurate, complete and up to date whenever it is collected, used or disclosed. In order to be sure of this, our customers are invited to advise us in writing of any change to their personal details.

We will take all reasonable steps to protect a customer’s personal information from misuse, loss, disclosure, modification or unauthorised access. This includes any digital information that is stored for the purpose of assisting you with your matter.

Any of our customers are entitled to request that they sight the personal information which we hold about them in order to ensure its correctness. If it is not correct for any reason, then we will take reasonable steps to correct such information. No charge will be made by us for either accessing or correcting information.

In certain types of cases, such as personal injury or family law, for example, we may collect health or sensitive information relating to a customer. We will only ever do so where the customer has actually provided such information to us or has authorised us in writing to procure such health or sensitive information from another specified person.

As lawyers, all of our customers can be assured that their private information, whether physical or cyber in nature, is dealt with in the most highly professional and ethical manner at all times and for all purposes.

June 2022

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