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Yevashrin (Vash) Naidoo is a Litigation Lawyer at Sharrock Pitman Legal.

Professional Background

Yevashrin( Vash) Naidoo is a Litigation Lawyer at Sharrock Pitman Legal.

Vash is experienced in preparing and managing litigation proceedings in the Magistrates’ Court and at VCAT.

Vash is adept at drafting evidentiary documents such as statements of claim, subpoenae and affidavits as well as drafting submissions and preparing detailed briefs to counsel.

Prior to joining Sharrock Pitman Legal, Vash worked in generalist law practice where he gained experience in Commercial Law, and Property Law, matters. As a result, Vash can advise customers in litigation proceedings relating to Commercial Law such as;

>        Loan agreements

>        Franchise agreements

>        Director Guarantees

>        Terms and conditions for consumer contracts

and various aspects of Property Law including;

>        Disclosure statements

>        Residential and commercial lease agreements

>        Common property disputes

Areas of Expertise

>        Commercial Litigation

>        Court and Tribunal Proceedings

Professional Qualifications and Memberships

>        Bachelor of Laws

>        Bachelor of Commerce

>        Member - Law Institute of Victoria

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