It is never too early to make arrangements for who will manage and benefit from your Estate by having thoughtful estate planning and a well drafted Will, perhaps including testamentary trusts.

Estate Planning

Anyone with financial responsibilities can understand the importance of estate planning. You want to ensure that your Estate passes to the people or organisations that you want, in the manner that will be most beneficial to them. You also want to ensure that the right people are appointed to assist you, if illness, accident or absence prevents you from managing your own personal and financial affairs.

Wills and Powers of Attorney, including Testamentary Trusts

Preparing a will, testamentary trust or power of attorney can be daunting. We can assist with all aspects of estate planning including Wills, Trusts, Companies, Businesses, Self Managed Superannuation Funds (‘SMSFs’) and Powers of Attorney. These key documents provide not only you with peace of mind, but also those who will step up to assist when the time comes. Below you will find information on what to consider when establishing a Will or a Testamentary Trust. Whether your assets and family situation are simple or complex, we can expertly guide you through the estate planning process. 

Wills & Estate Lawyers

Our team of Wills and Estates Lawyers comprises Mitchell Zadow and Mitchell Hickey. Please let us know if we can be of expert legal help to give you peace of mind and transfer your assets smoothly to the next generation. 


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In the meantime, here’s some useful information to assist you:

When it comes to Wills & Estate Planning, we are:

Words of appreciation from clients we have helped with their Wills and Estate Planning

“Very happy with advice and options given and no pressure. I decided how much work needed to be done. My lawyer was excellent support. My final outcome was exactly what I wanted.”

“My legal needs were simple, but the service was excellent and I felt valued as a customer.”

Julie Savedra

“It was refreshing to deal with a young person starting a long journey impressively, and enthusiastically.  His youthfulness didn’t give me anything to doubt about his ability to handle our complex issue, as he had all the answers.  I took a recommendation to use your company from one that had used your services, and I’ll be doing the same if occasion arises.”

Kevin Simmonds