Some relationships end up happily ever after; but let’s face it, some don’t. It is so important to have the right people supporting you through it.

If you can find your way to Glen Waverley in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, there you will find an accredited family law specialist to lend you a helping hand.

Contact Katharine Layne, our Accredited Family Law Specialist, for a fixed fee initial consultation.

In the meantime, here’s some useful information to find your way through the family law maze:

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Words of appreciation from our Family Law clients

“How nice, helpful and professional you all are. Thank you all for helping me to navigate through a really difficult and stressful time in my life. I truly appreciate all the help, advice and support given to me”

“I felt I could trust the lawyers. They were working for me efficiently and not just knocking up a big bill. My experience was a good balance of skills on the team. My solicitor expressed empathy and care”

“Very happy”