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We are experiencing growth in a number of areas and are looking for high performance lawyers at varying experience levels practicing in commercial law, property law, employment law, family law and more.

We are not currently accepting Seasonal Clerkships for 2020-21. Please revisit this page in the future for updates on any openings as they become available.

Why Sharrock Pitman Legal?

We are a high performance team based in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. As such, we offer our team a diversity of legal work, close supervision, on-going training and education, the best of technology and comprehensive resources.

Our team are very well remunerated, according to experience. New lawyers can be offered an assured career path, if sought. We seek lawyers who are caring, passionate about law and justice, committed to excellence, innovative thinkers and team players.

Our team genuinely care for our customers and for one another. Such care motivates us as a law firm and makes us decidedly different.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

When recruiting, we select and remunerate without regard to race, gender, religion, age, disability, marital status or any other difference. We focus instead on merit, past working history and achievements, as well as skills, knowledge and experience.

During the course of employment, promotion and remuneration are based solely on performance.

Our Values

Our values are the glue that holds us together as a law practice. They shape and direct who we are and all that we say and do. We have 5 essential and dynamic values which our team and our customers can depend on:

  1. We stand firm – this goes to our character
  2. We dig deep – this goes to our heart
  3. We run marathons – this goes to our competence
  4. We climb mountains – this goes to our commitment
  5. We make rain – this goes to our passion

Ancillary Services

Whilst operating as a law practice, we also offer a variety of extra services. As a team, we all work together and participate in these projects:

David Sharrock has also written a business book:

Benefits of joining Sharrock Pitman Legal

We value our team members and their enjoyment of life. You will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Good work/life balance
  • Close to home
  • Regular hours (usually 9:00am to 5:30pm)
  • 1 hour lunch break
  • Weekends are your own
  • Free parking
  • Free dry cleaning
  • Friendly team with family atmosphere
  • Significant on-going legal education (both in-house and external)
  • Excellent mentoring from senior lawyers and the whole team
  • Competitive salary package
  • Modern office with up-to-date technology and comprehensive resources
  • Roles are created around individual strengths


What our current team has to say about Sharrock Pitman Legal?

What do you like most about working here?

  • “Good people who work well, know their areas of practice and enjoy each other”
  • “Enjoyable place to work with good people, diverse work and a pleasant environment”
  • “Great collegiate atmosphere, the good location, the interesting work and opportunities and the strong mentoring”
  • “There is a wide variety in the type of work and customers”
  • “Warm and friendly working environment and great team dynamic”
  • “An excellent team of people all working together with the same direction and values”
  • “Enjoy the benefits of an incredibly efficient, highly professional, well organised office, combined with a friendly, collegiate environment”
  • “The people, fantastic team environment”
  • “I have made so many new friends. I thoroughly enjoy my work and have great satisfaction in assisting our customers”
  • “Having a highly skilled and knowledgeable team around me. We are always able to bounce ideas off other lawyers to strategize or get a second opinion”.

In your experience, what is distinctive and good about working here compared to elsewhere?

  • “A cohesive team that are genuinely supportive of each other”
  • “I am valued as a team member and I am part of a good and strong team of really lovely people that care”
  • “The conditions (in terms of hours, support and resources) and the genuine sense of team, as opposed to ‘dog eat dog’. And lots of great food!”
  • “The entire team, lawyers and support team members alike, are supportive and cohesive”
  • “Good working relationships between lawyers and support team members”
  • “We really do care!”
  • “You are truly supported to achieve your full potential as an excellent lawyer”
  • “Excellent service and high performance culture – always striving to achieve the best possible outcome while caring for customers”
  • “I love being a part of our team and my thoughts and suggestions are always listened to”
  • “Professional approach and excellent support team members”.

What’s it really like to work at Sharrock Pitman Legal?

Hear from just one of our former employees:

I began working at Sharrock Pitman Legal as a casual law clerk in my final year of University. I spent most of that year helping out with administrative tasks. That sounds tedious (and some admin tasks are!) but it was actually a really good way to get to know the systems of the Firm and to obtain an overall picture of how a legal practice operates.

I undertook my legal traineeship under the supervision of the then sole partner, David Sharrock. The traineeship was hands on from the word go and I gained experience across a wide range of practice areas. David was a great supervisor and allowed me the opportunity to work on a number of interesting and challenging cases – including a special leave application in the High Court.

Following my admission, I became one of the Firm’s litigation lawyers. Unlike a number of my contemporaries in larger firms, I was directly involved with customers from the beginning and quickly began building up my confidence in advising and relating to our customers. I had my own file load with matters in employment law, family law, estates disputes, property disputes, intervention matters, professional negligence claims, general commercial litigation and even a bit of summary crime. Wherever possible, I have done my own Court appearance and mediation work. It has been a steep but very satisfying learning curve over the past few years.

While there is strong sense of team at SPL, you are encouraged to be autonomous. You are also encouraged to play to your strengths and to tackle your weaknesses. I have appreciated this management style. David, Andre and Mitchell are top performers in their respective areas of law and have a lot to offer in terms of input, guidance and leadership. The Firm is well run and has a clear sense of vision and direction. It is backed up by an outstanding admin team.

Over time, I have developed a keen interest in advocacy and am moving to practice as a barrister. As I reflect over my time at SPL, I feel very grateful. I could not have asked for a better start to my legal career. It has been an excellent place to be a part of. There is a lot of great legal work that gets done. There are a lot of laughs to be had as well and utterly decadent food to be consumed on many occasions! I will miss most the fun and camaraderie of the team together with the challenges and rewards of being a suburban solicitor.

I highly recommend Sharrock Pitman Legal to you as a place to work.

—Dave C, August 2013