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We are a team who care for our customers and are different to make a difference. We are focused on providing innovative, practical and strategic solutions and exceptional, friendly, efficient and technologically driven service.

Our team are a group of dynamic and talented people, enjoying one another and thriving in a vibrant workplace. We are always looking for high performance lawyers who would be interested in joining our team, practicing in areas of commercial law, property law, employment law, family law, and more.

We are not currently accepting Seasonal Clerkships for 2020-21. Please revisit this page for future updates on any openings as they become available.

Why Sharrock Pitman Legal?

  • High performance team
  • Located in the Eastern Suburbs
  • Diversity of legal work
  • Mentoring and support in your work
  • On-going training and education
  • Best of technology
  • Comprehensive resources
  • Competitive remuneration, according to experience
  • Assured career path (if desired)

We are an equal opportunity employer, and LGBTQI+ supportive workplace. We select and remunerate without regard to race, gender, religion, age, disability, marital status or any other difference. We focus instead on merit, past working history and achievements, as well as skills, knowledge and experience.

Our Values

Our values are the glue that holds us together as a law practice. They shape and direct who we are and all that we say and do. We have 5 essential and dynamic values which our team and our customers can depend on:

  1. We stand firm – this goes to our character
  2. We dig deep – this goes to our heart
  3. We run marathons – this goes to our competence
  4. We climb mountains – this goes to our commitment
  5. We make rain – this goes to our passion

Ancillary Services

Whilst operating as a law practice, we also offer a variety of extra services. As a team, we all work together and participate in these projects:

David Sharrock has also written a business book:

Benefits of joining Sharrock Pitman Legal

We value our team members and their enjoyment of life. As part of our team, you will enjoy the following benefits:

  • Good work/life balance
  • Close to home
  • Regular hours (usually 9:00am to 5:30pm)
  • Weekends are your own
  • Free parking
  • Free dry cleaning
  • Friendly team
  • Ongoing development
  • Employee Assistance Program for wellbeing and support
  • Memberships, training and CPD provided
  • Excellent mentoring system from senior lawyers and the whole team
  • Supportive work environment
  • Competitive salary package


What our current team has to say about Sharrock Pitman Legal?

What do you like most about working here?

  • “Good people who work well, know their areas of practice and enjoy each other”
  • “Enjoyable place to work with good people, diverse work and a pleasant environment”
  • “Great collegiate atmosphere, the good location, the interesting work and opportunities and the strong mentoring”
  • “There is a wide variety in the type of work and customers”
  • “Warm and friendly working environment and great team dynamic”
  • “An excellent team of people all working together with the same direction and values”
  • “Enjoy the benefits of an incredibly efficient, highly professional, well organised office, combined with a friendly, collegiate environment”
  • “The people, fantastic team environment”
  • “I have made so many new friends. I thoroughly enjoy my work and have great satisfaction in assisting our customers”
  • “Having a highly skilled and knowledgeable team around me. We are always able to bounce ideas off other lawyers to strategize or get a second opinion”.

In your experience, what is distinctive and good about working here compared to elsewhere?

  • “A cohesive team that are genuinely supportive of each other”
  • “I am valued as a team member and I am part of a good and strong team of really lovely people that care”
  • “The conditions (in terms of hours, support and resources) and the genuine sense of team, as opposed to ‘dog eat dog’. And lots of great food!”
  • “The entire team, lawyers and support team members alike, are supportive and cohesive”
  • “Good working relationships between lawyers and support team members”
  • “We really do care!”
  • “You are truly supported to achieve your full potential as an excellent lawyer”
  • “Excellent service and high performance culture – always striving to achieve the best possible outcome while caring for customers”
  • “I love being a part of our team and my thoughts and suggestions are always listened to”
  • “Professional approach and excellent support team members”.

What is it like to work at Sharrock Pitman Legal?

Hear from one of our current employees:

I commenced working at Sharrock Pitman Legal as a Senior Associate in February 2020. Prior to joining Sharrock Pitman Legal, I practised at a top tier law firm, a boutique commercial firm and an Ombudsman scheme in Melbourne’s CBD. I also worked previously in Sydney at a mid-tier commercial litigation firm and corporate insolvency firm in the city.

The role at Sharrock Pitman Legal was the first time I had worked at a suburban law practice during my 20+ years in the legal industry. I was somewhat apprehensive as to whether this “change of scenery” would hinder my career opportunities. Would the move away from the CBD mean I wouldn’t be able to attend the city courts for appearances as easily? Would I lose touch with my litigation colleagues and my panel of barristers I had spent many years doing the networking rounds with and building professional rapport? I was physically moving away from everything I had ever known about working as a litigator in the CBD.

Working in a suburban practice has meant that I am located significantly closer to home. I have saved 1.5 hours per day in commuting to work compared to when I was working in the CBD. I no longer have to battle peak hour crowds on public transport nor be at the mercy of cancelled or delayed trains. The closer proximity of work to home has meant I can achieve a better work-family life balance.

During my time at Sharrock Pitman Legal, I have had the opportunity to tackle an excellent variety of complex litigated matters and to continually develop a strong customer base. Working at a suburban practice has meant that I have had carriage of matters end-to-end, on an autonomous level, from the initial customer consultation to appearing in court and participating in mediations and negotiations. Genuine relationships with customers are built at a personal level and maintained. I get to have a direct influence on how outcomes are achieved for customers and this is extremely satisfying.  

The Principals at Sharrock Pitman Legal have continually emphasised the importance of having a personal sense of purpose and to reflect on one’s true self in the exercise of legal duties through self-motivation and setting goals. The Principals aim to encourage and guide its lawyers to be the very best they can. The practice has a clear sense of leadership and direction and has strived to recruit lawyers who are at the top of their game which, in turn, has provided a dynamic and stimulating work environment.

Lockdown has taught me that physical separation is no longer a barrier to staying connected.  I can still actively engage and connect productively with my work colleagues, my customers and legal acquaintances through virtual platforms. Courts and tribunals have embraced the efficiencies of conducting interlocutory and final hearings via Zoom and Webex platforms. In a lot of cases, physical attendances at the courts and tribunals in the CBD are no longer a requirement and many CPD seminars have transitioned to online formats.

One of the most important and rewarding aspects to me, while working at Sharrock Pitman Legal, has been the camaraderie fostered across the team. There is every opportunity to get to know and have a relationship with every team member at every level of the practice. I feel very fortunate to be working alongside colleagues who like to have fun and enjoy exploring all that the cafes and eateries along Kingsway in Glen Waverley at lunchtime. Importantly, I have felt fully supported by the practice, at all levels, whether it be my litigation colleagues or the administrative team on a day to day basis. The strong sense of us as a team is palpable and is something I have found to be at the very heart of being a member of the Sharrock Pitman Legal team.

As it turns out, my concerns about working in a suburban law practice have proved to be unfounded. Working in a suburban law practice has been a positive game changer for me. I have discovered that there are plenty of opportunities and benefits to working at a suburban law practice. I have come to embrace the lifestyle change and to be honest, I’m wondering why I didn’t do this 20 years ago!

— May 2021