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A short message from one of our family lawyers, Katharine Layne.

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Some relationships end up happily ever after; but let’s face it, some don’t. It is so important to have the right people supporting you through it. If you can find your way to Glen Waverley in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, there you will find an accredited family law specialist to lend you a helping hand.

In the meantime, here’s some useful information to find your way through the family law maze:

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19 May 2017
A Parenting Plan is a written and signed agreement between parents (and sometimes other caregivers) that sets out the care arrangements for their children. A well-drafted Parenting Plan can reduce conflict, whilst providing structure and certainty for all the family. It can ensure children know where and when they are ...
13 December 2017
  It can be a very difficult and stressful process to make arrangements for your children following separation. There may be uncertainty as to where you will live, how the children will transition from two separate homes, or even when you might see the children at all. It’s often difficult ...
16 August 2016
  If you wish to start divorce proceedings in Australia, there are a few important things to understand before you begin. Frequently Asked Questions about Getting a Divorce 1. When can I get a divorce? Once the difficult decision has been made to end your marriage, there are a few ...