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A short message from one of our probate lawyers.

If you phone, email or skype, or can find your way to Glen Waverley in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, you will find a team of quality Wills and Probate Lawyers ready to lend you a helping hand with your Probate Law matters.

It is always difficult dealing with the death of a loved one.  As Probate Lawyers, our role is to make sure that you do not have to stress over the legal side of a deceased estate. We assist clients by making sure all estates are administered professionally, carefully and swiftly.

For an experienced Wills & Estate lawyer, contact one of our lawyers today. In the meantime, here’s some useful information regarding probate matters:

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12 January 2018
In theory, upon your death you can leave your estate to anyone. However, with this power comes responsibility. The law may intervene if you fail to adequately provide for a person to whom you owe a moral and financial duty. This intervention can come in the form of a challenge ...
12 September 2017
The issue The power to make a Will and chose how to distribute your estate comes with responsibility. The law can intervene if a Will Maker (called a ‘Testator’) fails to properly consider who should receive their estate or if the Will results from illness, fraud or improper pressure. If ...
15 October 2017
The issue One of the first questions we are asked when dealing with an estate is ‘How long does probate take?’. There is unfortunately no set answer to this question. However, in this article we will set out the factors that influence how long it will take to obtain a ...