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A short message from one of our employment lawyers, Philip Heaven.

Employment law can be baffling.  It’s almost like walking into a maze and soon becoming lost and confused.

If you phone, email or Skype, or can find your way to Glen Waverley in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, you will find accredited business law specialists and expert employment lawyers to lend you a helping hand.

To provide practical solutions and sound legal advice on any employment or workplace issues, your solicitors will be David Sharrock, Mitchell Zadow or Philip Heaven.

In the meantime, here’s some useful information to find your way through the employment law maze:

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17 October 2017
Hiring a senior employee from a competitor can often be an attractive proposition. However, if you are contemplating such a move, caution is needed. In a recent case, the Full Federal Court provided a timely reminder of the dangers of hiring senior staff from a competitor, where those employees have ...
21 August 2017
  Like many areas of employment law, unpaid parental leave laws can pose a real minefield for employers. The following is a list of key unpaid parental leave rules and regulations, of which all employers must have familiarity. On-going consultation Employees who are on unpaid parental leave still require on-going ...
28 July 2017
Has it come time for you to terminate someone’s employment? Do so with great care otherwise you could be exposing yourself to a costly and time consuming unfair dismissal claim. Terminating for serious misconduct Serious misconduct by an employee is conduct that is considered to be serious enough to justify ...